Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ma's Fluorite Set

I had to re-set my mom's fluorite set as she didn't like the earlier one I made for her... See my earlier post Ma's Gift...

So, I changed the overall design and made the necklace into a charm necklace using the fluorite stones... Now, she's very happy with the set... When she's happy, then I'm relieved... My mom has a very high expectation of my work and everytime she orders jewelry from me, I always worry that she might not like what I've made for her... Today, I'm happy...

The matching bracelet with flower charm... I changed the earlier butterfly charm as I felt that the flower suits the set better...

On another note, my mom has decided to maybe keep this set for herself after all... She says she'll buy another gift to replace this set for her friend... Until later...


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